Sunday, December 21, 2008


First and foremost, welcome to my foray into the world of internet blogging.  When blogs first came out, I honestly was was like "wtf?! who is going to read this mess." Then I found myself reading peoples blogs because hey, sometimes they have some funny and enlightening things to say.  About the title.  Let me first say that I am NOT a Booker T. Washington fan.  I will admit that the man cared about Black people and said what he felt was best at the time, BUT some of what he said was coonery. Plain and simple.  But I went to this Black student leadership conference and I forget what the actual theme was, but the opening speaker referenced Booker Taliafaro and told us to "cast down our buckets".  Now, me and my friends (being the militant well read African American students that we are) where like "OH HELL NO! We know what he meant. You not gonna tell ME to cast my bucket down! I'm not tap dancing for these (insert racial epithet for White people)!"  DISCLAIMER: I mean no disrespect to my White brothers and sisters, I'm just being honest with the emotions that were felt at the time. Ok, so anyway. For some reason, the other speakers felt that that line was hot fiya (not "fire", "fiya". Its pronounced just like it is spelled) and would just throw it in their speeches... shit they threw it in the announcements.  Folks would get to the mic and say something like, "Just a reminder, make sure that you all behave yourselves while we are staying here at the hotel.  We want to make sure that when we cast down our buckets, we make a good impression." And on the inside I would think,"Sweet Jesus... Am I at a leadership conference or the Mid-Atlantic Summit on Bucket Casting!?" But that was a funny experience for me and thanks to inspiration from my homie Cynthia I decided to title my blog "Hey Bo Jangle! Cast down your bucket, my brother" (you gotta yell the first part like Dave Chappelle or something). But enjoy.  I will probably go threw phases where I post like 43457231432143242142 times a day, then you don't get another post for like 7... 19 months.  But we will see. Again. Enjoy.


Aisha said...

C. Rucker, I can just imagine you saying this, which means I laughed.
ps. I remember that speech, too...and I feel like I might have been one of those militant folk. good times.