Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Tragedy that is Cassie

Here is the deal.  Cassie can't sing.  Now before I get written off as a hater, "Me and You" was my -ish when it came out.  The problem is that as far as most people are concerned, Cassie is that cutie pie that couldn't sing to save her life.  Nothing more nothing less.  Cassie could have been a great model... that couldn't sing like the REST of the models that think they can sing.  But unfortunately she met Diddy, and when you meet Diddy he changes your life.  Getting connected with Diddy is like using cocaine: at first its great, you are partying making all types of friends and are the life of the party... then you hit the lowest of lows and no one has seen you in forever. First you think you need it (coke or Diddy)... then you realize that you have lost your soul to (insert applicable soul stealer) and you try to get away but you can't because it owns you.  The only way to get away is with outside help... like rehab.  ANYWAY. Back to Cassie.  That's what happened when Puff decided he wanted to make her a singer/model.  Yeah she had the face, but you can't be a singer if you can't sing or... at least dance real good.  Look at Ciara.  She has an average voice but she can groove and it makes her shows that much better.  J. Lo didn't have a great voice, but she had the moves and booty to keep her career afloat long enough to parlay it into a mediocre acting career.  Cassie, unfortunately, only has a pretty face.  No moves, no booty... actually she kinda has a 12 year olds body.  SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE CASSIE A HAM SANDWICH.  I think Diddy is starving her... or maybe its coke. Can't tell the difference... *shrug*


Anonymous said...

didn't J-Lo's acting career come before the singing?

Adam Hockensmith said...