Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Lot of You Knew This Was Coming Sometime: My Treatise on Soulja Boy

"Rap is ass now!"- Maronzio Vance

Soo for some time now I have verbally expressed my distain for Soulja Boy and to some I came off as a hater.  I will acknowledge that in many ways, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em embodies part of hip-hop... unfortunately he embodies hip-hop's malignant tumor that is slowly killing it day by day.  What is wrong with Soulja Boy you ask? Is it the coonish dances? No, because I did the Soulja Boy dance and it was kinda fun at first. Dancing is harmless.  Is it his lyrics? Honestly, no.  Soulja Boy really doesn't talk about much of anything in his songs.  No gun play, no dope slangin', and certainly no lyrical complexity (HOPPED UP OUT THE BEEEEEEEED! TURN MY SAWG OOOOON! TAKE A LOOOOK IN THE MIRROR SAID WASSUP! EEEEEEEEYYYYY) No, the problem isn't these isolated incidents, its the fact that they are wrapped up together in a nice neat package called Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and he feels the need to pump more of this garbage on to the airwaves not only through his music but also by putting on other rappers with less talent.  I will concede that Soulja Boy has some excellent marketing insight and does a great job at promoting himself.  And I will also say that not all rap needs to be uplifting, have some type of deep message, or be incredibly lyrically poignant; but the stuff Soulja Boy puts out is garbage.  Like, he is the 21st Century dumbed down version of MC Hammer.  Like, there are better ways to do things that Soulja Boy does that aren't incredibly coonish.  For example, most of Diddy's good songs (Been Around the World, Can't Hold Me Down, Mo' Money Mo' Problems [I know its a Biggie song but I needed a third song dammit]) were about money.  That's all he talked about was how much money he had, and they were jamming.  People were dancing to them, waving their arms in circles, wearing shiny suits and shit.  But it was never as ignorant as Soulja Boy.  *Sigh* The more shit like this that is out, the more I start digging through proverbial crates looking for good music. This shit is going to keep up and I am going to be one of those jaded ass old heads talkin' about "I don't listen to rap made after (insert classic rap album)".  God help hip-hop.


Lucy said...

Kiss Me Thru the phone is my jam though!

Suzie said...

gucci bandana, (gucci gucci bandana...)

that's all i have to say on this one.