Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorite Person of the Moment: Amanda Diva

The feature of this installment of Chris's favorite person of the moment is non other than Amanda Diva.  Now many of you might remember her from doing her MTV VJ thing on like Sucker-Free Sunday or something like that, but me and Amanda go back much farther.  Let me take you all back to like '94, Nickelodeon had this show called "My Brother and Me".  By far, the BEST show to ever grace Nickelodeon. It was pro-Black but like... not on some f--k whitey type stuff, the family was funny but not coonish, and it was just a well done show featuring an intact happy middle-class Black family and their friends of all races (Dee Dee: Hit me! Hit me! [later] Alfie: What happened?, Dee Dee: I got hit... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA) ANYWAY, if anyone remembers Alfie and Dee Dee's tomboy friend Deonne that was Amanda (then she was known as Amanda Seales).  From there she went on to college, SURPRISE! Betcha didn't see that coming. Anyway, she went to college and has been a VJ, radio host, a poet, rapper, philosopher, all around cool woman, and to top it off she is a cutie pie... I'm just sayin'.  She has her own web show on youtube called Diva Speak TV, its dope. She is Funny, clever, and smart so check her out.  Her poetry is tight too and she can really spit. Check her out on Q-Tip's new album The Renaissance (a must cop for true Hip Hop heads out there).  You can check out her latest episode of Diva Speak below. Enjoy. Happy Holidays y'all and thanks again for reading Bo Jangle.