Sunday, December 21, 2008

Favorite Person of the Moment: Maronzio Vance

I'm thinking I'm going to make this a regular thing. Aight. So my favorite person right now is a comedian named Maronzio Vance.  Funny story.  So I saw dude do comedy right... on the TV. Like David Letterman or some shit like that, not in person. And he was funny has hell, but I couldn't remember his name.  Then I'm looking at Facebook, checking out the mini-feed and what not like "Oh cool, some n----a that friended me two summers ago wipes his ass with 4 sheets of toilet paper, some freshman posted pictures of them drinkin... Oh? What's this? A comedian making fun of Diddy?" And I ALMOST passed it by.  But I was bored as shit and decided to click the link.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it was Maronzio Vance and I was like "Man this dude was funny on whatever late show I saw him on" and then he proceeded to deliver the funniest, saddest, but most honest analysis of Diddy and the Bad Boy Empire I have ever heard. (Which can be view below) I then proceeded to check out his other videos and dude is HILARIOUS. Checked out his blog and myspace page and shit... googled him got his home address and phone number... sent him some letters (nah I'm playing). But definitely check him out.  Unfortunately he kinda falls into that category of artists whose work I thoroughly enjoy... when they aren't too busy bitching and moaning about the industry. The shits not fair, WE GET IT. Just do you, SHIT!