Monday, December 29, 2008

The Tragedy that is... Kim Kardashian

"In this crazy world..."-Young Jeezy

Now in an earlier post, I talked about the tragic story of Cassie and how Diddy took a perfectly hungry model and turned her into a shitty singer that models from time to time.  This post is about another tragic story, Kim Kardashian, but this time is isn't about how a multimillionaire mogul took a pretty girl and fed her foolish dream to be a pop singer for his own gain. No.  This is the tragic story about how we as the American public have been duped into thinking that Kim Kardashian actually has some sort of career to follow.  Now here is the thing, no one and I mean NO ONE knew about this chick like 3 or 4 years ago and now she is a quasi-household name.  Some of you may say, "Well, Chris. She was Paris Hilton's bff while Paris and her coochie was all over the news.  That's why people know her." My response is simply f--k that.  You don't get famous by being someone's friend while they are going through crazy -ish unless you are in the courtroom testifying against them *cough* Kato Kaelin.  No, Kim became famous when the sextape that she made with Brandy's brother Ray-J was leaked... by Ray-J.  Lets step back now and reflect.  This woman slept with Ray-J (read threw her life away) on camera.  Ordinarily something like that would be followed by like a moment of silence or something, but no... she became famous.  And the really f--ked up thing is that in the eyes of the general public, she isn't famous for boning Ray-J and Nick Cannon (yeah.... she was with "Gigolo ft. R. Kelly" Nick Cannon), she is famous for being the daughter of Robert Kardashian and the step-daughter of Bruce Jenner.  Like... she got a TV show for this shit.  She was on Dancing with the Stars... this girl isn't a star! You shouldn't be on TV if you messed with Ray-J, you should be in some sort of rehab *cough* Whitney Houston.  Anyway, long story short... actually Kim's story is kinda short: born to the dude who helped get OJ off for murder, boned Nick Cannon and Ray-J, sex tape gets released, now she's famous.  See and the messed up part about all this is that I wish I could front and say she isn't cute... but unfortunately she is kinda bangin... Aaaannnnyyyy way. Best of luck Reggie and if  y'all got tapes, burn them because if they get out Kim's "career" might just blow up to Beyonce status or some stupid shit like that.  Why is her booty so BIG?! *Sigh*