Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Tragedy that is... R&B Singers' Goodies on the Internet

Some of you may have heard that photos were leaked on the internet of singers Rihanna and Cassie bucket-naked (c) Denisio an 'nem.  While some of my male readers may be thinking, "WHERE?" (COUGH! AHEM! COUGH! COUGH! HMMM!) excuse me this is much sadder a situation than it may initially seem.  
First off, Rihanna hasn't admitted that the photos are actually her and is trying to play the "Well if I don't say they are of me, then they aren't of me game".  F*ck that.  The pictures are of her. Dammit one of the photos is of Chris Brown with panties on his head. HMMM? I WONDER WHO'S DRAWS THOSE COULD BE?? And Cassie... Well I have already established that Diddy has run her career into the ground and I guess now she wants to show Daddy that she is a big girl and can do bad all by herself.  Its not like she wears much clothes on a regular basis anyway, she still can't sing, and she still needs a gravy i.v.  If the leaked photos weren't enough, she VOLUNTARILY posted pictures of her looking... well... I will let you decide how she looks.  
Fashion statement, or cry for help? You decide. Thanks to for the photo.