Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a Recession Y'all... For Real

All I can say to this is DAYUM.  

CNN) -- Postal authorities say a Michigan postal worker has admitted to stealing some $20,000 worth of first-class stamps since September and trying to sell them to online auction-site customers to help pay his mortgage.

An arrest warrant has been issued for John Auito, 42, of Macomb, Michigan. Auito, a postal employee since 2003, resigned after investigators confronted him on April 30.

He has made arrangements to turn himself in, authorities said.  Deputy Special Agent-in-Charge Breck Nowlin of the USPS Office of the Inspector General told CNN that Auito has admitted to stealing stamps that were being shipped to retail stores, and he said he used the money from selling them to make delinquent mortgage payments.

Nowlin said Auito was contacting customers of the online auction site eBay, and offering to sell them stolen stamps at below-retail prices.

A call from CNN to a listing in Macomb, Michigan, for John Auito was not answered.

I mean thats rough.  He stole $20,000 worth of stamps.  That's a lot of f**king stamps, yo!  This is some sh*t from a stoner movie. I can see it now.  John is chillin' in his basement, drinking some beer with his buddies, talking about life.  All of a sudden, one of his buddies has the most retarded idea ever but because they are drunk and/or high it sounds genius to everyone except John who would be the only one executing the plan... and the only implicated if it didn't work.  Eventually, though, John gets so drunk and/or high that it becomes a good idea to him. I personally don't know what kinda people are buying stamps from online auction sites, but dude got his hustle on for real in those regards.  Honestly, I don't know if I could fire dude... Wait... Nah, I could.  Dude stole $20k worth of merchandise. Gotta let him go.  Sh*t is still sad though.