Monday, January 26, 2009

Gone for a Minute Now I'm Back Again

It has been some time since I have had a word with the Bo Jangle's community. So It is almost 8 am and I am up in my school's dinning hall eating breakfast. "Why?!" you ask? Well I just got finished with another great moment of procrastination. While some people look down on procrastination, I see it as a blessing. We procrastinators have a divine gift for having moments of genius when it really counts. Like it or not, procrastination is a gift. Some are good at it, some are bad. I don't know that it can be taught. Procrastination is like Spiderman's "spider sense", that instinctual warning that time is of the essence and the genius lobe of your brain needs to turn on. I bet you didn't know about the genius lobe, did you. Its near your medulla oblongata... look it up. Anyway, the genius lobe kicks in, and you get that spark of wisdom that you need to get the work done that you probably should have done... weeks ago. Aight... the high from getting this project is done. I'm going to take my ass back to the crib and take a nap before class. Keep janglin'.