Friday, June 19, 2009

TV is going to hell

I was in the middle of what I believe to be a good blog post (it should show up in a few right below this post) and something came on TV and I was immediately compelled to post on this.  Apparently, the brilliant producers at BET thought that it would be a great idea to give Lil' Wayne's ex-wife Toya and T.I.'s um... homie, lover, friend Tiny a show.  I will not be watching this, but I just want to know who the hell thought this was a good idea?? Seriously. Toya and Wayne were married back when they were like 16 (not even playing) and haven't been together for YEARS.  So off the top, Wayne isn't going to be on the show that much.  Tiny and T.I. are still together, so to speak, but T.I. is in jail.  Why would I want to watch the partners and past partners of rappers?  And don't try to tell me about how they are accomplished women or some sh*t like that.  I know Tiny was in Xscape, but when was the last time you hear a hit from Xscape?  Hmm?!  There are plenty of accomplished women who they could have given a show to.  What about Jada Pinkett-Smith?? Or even better, Rashida Jones?? HMMM??? Where are the TV shows that follow these women's lives? Much in the same way that I don't want to hear rappers' sons rap, I don't want to see their ex-wives and girlfriends on TV.  Period.  What's next?  Shows profiling hype men after they get old and lonely... 


P.S.  What is wrong with Tiny's face?  Its like its made out of Silly Putty or something, like... its droopy.