Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Haters, I'm Back Off Hiatus

Purgatory, I mean finals week has just finished up here.  Sh*t was TERRIBLE! T-R-R-B-L TERIBBLE. But now it is done, and I am back and I have a few things I need to get off of my chest.

First off, those of you close to me know that I am into clothes and fashion and what not.  I try to stay fairly up to date on latest trends, and one trend is really bothering me: androgynous male models.  I swear to God, if you look at any high fashion, all of the men look genderless.  WTF.  And the clothes just look retarded.  I am convinced that high fashion has the world duped.  The shit they come up with is fugly. Yes... I said fugly.  Motherf@#$ers come on stage wearing some damn overall shorts, with tights, a t-shirt made out of wax paper, some clown shoes, and one of those Dr. Seuss hats that every d-bag had back in 4th grade.  They always have blown face.  The white models are the pastiest dudes you can find and always look like some character from a movie about struggling heroine addicts, and the black dudes... don't exist.  

The next thing that has gotten on my nerves is EVERYONE using the cot damn "A Milli" drums.  Now I know Bangladesh did the beats to both "A Milli" and "Diva" so I guess he gets a pass for using the same drum pattern... even though that sh*t is lazy as hell, my dude.  But for real, everyone is trying to come on a track that has an "A Milli"-esque drum pattern.  First everyone was trying to rap on the beat. First Jay, then shitty rappers like Plies got on it, then singers decided they would... sing over it.  Real talk, I heard there's a Mahalia Jackson "A Milli" freestyle floating around out there.  

Speaking"Diva"... That's another thing that has bothered me. A diva is NOT, I repeat, NOT a female version of a hustler.  Last I checked, hustler was a gender neutral term. 

Ok, last and not least.  For those of you who have not seen Ciara's new video (I think its called something like... Sex Magic or Magic Sex... Doin' the Hudini... something) um I'm not going to say you should watch it because... real talk, its not that good.  She is on some Madonna type stuff, like wearing latex, dancing like a stripper, not singing good.  Come on Ci-Ci! 

Anyway.  Ya boy is back.  Expect more janglage in the days and weeks to come (that was for you Cynthia).  I'm out like a slow fat kid in musical chairs.