Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Littering and...? Litter and...?

Smoking the reefer (c) Super Troopers. Unless you have been living under a rock... or have been doing the responsible thing and not paying any attention to the news, you know that Michael Phelps got caught smoking weed. Actually, he didn't get caught smoking weed, he was just retarded enough to let himself get photographed smoking from a bong. Ok. Big deal. Its weed, a relatively harmless recreation drug and while it is illegal in some states, its not the end of the world. So he issued this apology that can only be described as "special" and I don't mean that in no good way. Basically he said he is sorry for shattering White parents dreams of having a dominant American athlete that looks like them that is the great white hope. One that will stay away from drugs and extra marital affairs like those thuggish negroid athletes of the NBA and NFL, and will stay away from steroids like the trailer trash in the MLB. Well, SURPRISE!!! He is a regular ass dude who can swim good and likes to smoke weed from time to time. He isn't getting charged with anything. He didn't hurt anybody. He just was smoking weed with some so-called friends and someone decided they wanted to make a few bucks and sell him out. What boggles my mind is how the media outlets are making it sound like he did something completely horrible and asking the question "will he ever be marketable again?" Yes... He will be marketable again. Shit, he never really lost his marketability. Kobe raped a White woman 5 some odd years, now this dude has his own shoe... and that shit is selling too. He has actually had FOUR Nike shoes since then. So I guess the moral of the story is, even if you do something stupid, as long as you dominate in whatever sport you play Nike will pay you to wear their shit. They may even name some stuff after you...